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Why is the production line inseparable from the weight sorter?


    Weight sorting machine, also known as weight measuring machine, weight sorting scale, weight sorting machine, weight sorting machine, is mainly used for automatic weight grading / sub-specification / sub-size of individual products, weight sorting machine according to set weight The range value is automatically sorted, and the products of different weight ranges are sorted in order.


1. Weight sorting machine High efficiency

    The traditional sorting is mostly manual sorting. The electronic scale is used. The employee needs to repeatedly put the product into the electronic scale for weighing. After the weighing is completed, the manual removal is performed, and then placed in the corresponding specification box, the efficiency cannot be increased, and Staff are prone to fatigue and are prone to mistakes. The automatic sorting of the weight sorter completely solves these problems. The speed of selection is up to 240 times per minute, zero errors; the number of selected specifications is up to 24, achieving precision.


Second, the weight sorting machine - low cost

    One input, permanent use, instead of labor. Solve the problem of recruiting people and high labor costs.


Third, the weight sorting machine production management

    Powerful data storage function, all sorted product data in the production process is automatically stored in the host, real-time query, real-time management of production status, and display form can generate tables, histograms, trend charts, etc.


Fourth, the weight sorting machine

    It can link printers, inkjet printers, packaging machines, metal detectors, scanners, ERP management systems and other equipment to achieve enterprise integrated management needs.


Five, weight sorting machine Easy to install

    Adopting the online weighing form of the conveyor belt, docking with the assembly line, the height is consistent, and it can be used directly into the production line.



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