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Know the weight checkweigher


First, the weight checkweigher introduction

    The weight checkweigher is also known as the weight checker, the weight sorting scale, the weight sorting scale, the weight detecting machine, etc., designed for the quality monitoring of production line products; the weight checkweigher detects whether the packaging products are less or more. Abnormal conditions; and automatically reject less or more unqualified products, to ensure that the products passed are standard qualified products. Achieve material cost savings, improve product quality, and protect against customer complaints.


Second, the main function of the weight checkweigher

  • Automatically check if the product is qualified

  • Automatically reject unqualified products, such as missing or multi-assembled parts/instructions

  • Automatic identification of products of different weight ranges, ie grade sorting

  • Automatic statistics of production data, real-time viewing

  • A variety of product quality testing is not limited to the industry


Third, the main features of the weight checkweigher

  • 10 years of terminal customer verification, stable and reliable, the world's top 500 companies first supplier

  • Checking accuracy is up to ±0.05g and detection speed is up to 360 pcs/min

  • User-friendly interface design, easy to operate, support multiple languages

  • Production data real-time report function, data can be stored, output print

  • Multiple communication protocol ports for connection between production data and management systems


Fourth, the weight checkweighing main elimination method

  • Blowing type: applied to high-speed reject products for small package products

  • Sliding type: for products that are easily damaged (such as cakes)

  • Pusher type: for large packaging products, suitable for boxed products

  • Pole type: widely used rejection method, suitable for all kinds of products, fast and accurate

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