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The main factor determining the price of the weight detector


   I believe that all customers care about the quality, the most concerned about nothing more than the price of the weight detector, the price of the weight detector on the market is different, the difference is greater. There are a small number of development companies that need the convenience of weight detectors, but the price of purchase is more concerned, and you want to buy the right equipment at the lowest cost. What is the main factor determining the price of the weight detector? First introduce the weight inspection machine to everyone.


First, the composition and basic principles of the weight detector

       The weight detecting machine is generally divided into three sections: a speed matching section, a weighing section, and a culling section, and the detected product flows into the first section of the detecting machine through the conveying line, "speed matching section", and the products are sorted to open the product and the product. The distance then the product enters the second segment, weighing the segment.

       After the tested product passes through the weighing section, the system automatically identifies the product, performs online weighing and displays the weight on the display screen. The weight of the tested product is compared with the preset weight value in the system preset, and the qualified product is automatically distinguished. Under heavy products, overweight products. The test is completed and transported to the next segment of the “removal segment”.

  When the qualified product passes through the elimination section, the elimination section has no action, and the product is continuously transported to the next process. When the underweight product and the overweight product pass through the elimination section, the segment cylinder action is removed, and the product is automatically removed to the non-conforming product storage area.

  The operation of the entire device is lacking in the brain, and the online weighing system is the brain of the entire weight detector, controlling the operation and movement of each segment. That is, the online weighing system is the core of the whole



Second, how to choose a weight detector

   The quality of the weight inspection machine is of vital importance, and the main components that affect the quality are: online weighing system, weight detection machine related configuration, structural design, after-sales service, after-sales service is generally easy to be ignored by customers, it is essential. A good product is inseparable from the carrying of these factors.

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